Posts made in October, 2008

He could see this coming, did you? Listen , learn, follow.

This video was posted back in January 2008… Robert Kiyosaki more than a visionary, he is a doctor, he does a very special type of treatment… its called teaches how to open our eyes and see, and most especially understand what we see. Enjoy this video from 10 months back, it should help you to start to get to know this man, he is without a today thinker, that understands the past, and helps us see it...

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The compounding effects of the economic crisis.

It is so sad to see the economic tsunami meltdown the world is facing. The domino effect is only beginning, the worst is yet to come. So what do we do?,,, Run hide, jump off bridges, or whatever else extreme? No…. We learn, and start looking at learning and feeding ourselves based on our own efforts not the mood of the overall marketplace. Never has there been a time more important economically, and ecology than today. So the mantra for...

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