Posts made in November, 2008

Thailand is my home, and home to thousands of other Expatriates.

I write this post with a very heavy heart, as a guest, a bystander, and more important as someone who has made Thailand home. In many conversations with other Expatriates, and Thais we as locals understand the views of both sides. More important, we must know our place, we are guest here, and must respect the views of all despite the pain it is causing everyone. Thais are wonderful people, who are proud and vigilant. The land of smiles, has...

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President Elect is Green

Great post and I think a very positive horizon for the green movement if President elect Obama follows through with this plan for greener energy, and less dependency on fossil fuels. A New Chapter on Climate Change I got this video from this site here, which goes into detail about this meeting. ...

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