Posts made in June, 2016

A Second Stroke – Buddha has blessed me

2 months almost to the date of my first stroke I had a second stroke. I was going through a CAT Scan and while in the scan I had the second stroke. I was getting the CAT scan because I started loosing all of the feeling on the right side of my body, top to bottom. The Doctor wanted to do a re-scan of my head to see what was going on. The hospitals here in the area I live in have top-notch hospitals. The hospital was able to have me in an IV...

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I experienced a Severe Stroke March 3rd 2015

March 3rd 2015 was a complete life changing event for me. I wrote this into facebook… Hello Friends who actually follow on Facebook:) It has been a very crazy, eventful, and so many other changing elements in my life the last 60 days. My CVA Stroke was on the 3rd of March… wow how I remember that day. At the gym getting ready to train. No issues, tired or anything and then boom. I remember everything… The next 7 days was...

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