Well it has been a seriously long time since I have blogged on my own personal blog.  No excuses, just been caught up in social blogging verses good old school blogging.

So where to start?

Over the last few years I have been 100% focused on making the PCFmojo platform  a reality. Well finally almost 9 years latter it is.

www.EcoEcoNow.org, www.SqueezeMojo.com, www.HangoutMojo.com, www.PCFmojo.com,  www.GreenLBL.com, www.2help2.com, and www.AttractionFunnel.com are all powered by the PCFmojo Framework.

Over the next few post I will be talking about each project and how they tie together.

In addition I will also be addressing other information or miss information that has made its way around the world wide web of lies. That last part is not really accurate – in life most lies have a foundation from truth… the real question is who's truth?

Go figure..