The 11th Hour Movie – My Review

Well I must say this is a must see movie for everyone. The most impacting statement to me in this movie was getting as many people to see it as possible. Without a doubt everyone cares about our planet, and most certainly our own survival, but things in today's media world gets so overshadowing that life changing wake up calls like this movie are never even seen or heard about. Please watch this trailer, and get the movie. Once you see it, it...

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Domonic Mongello for Ecology

In today's ever changing world the planet's citizens must take sides in whether they want to be part of the “save the planets” ecology movement or not. Sad to say but that's not the approach the average person world wide is taking to our ever looming ecological crisis. Talk about only seeing as far as your nose… but its the hard cold truth… you can see it in the way Governments are acting, or should I say are not...

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