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Back Blogging Again

Well it has been a seriously long time since I have blogged on my own personal blog.  No excuses, just been caught up in social blogging verses good old school blogging. So where to start? Over the last few years I have been 100% focused on making the PCFmojo platform  a reality. Well finally almost 9 years latter it is.,,,,,, and...

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Intelecom, Inc. v. Mongello Claims Stricken by Judge

Claims Stricken by Judge For anyone researching Intelecom, Inc. v. Mongello please know that on  April 14, 2010 the Hon. William T. Lawrence Judge, of the United States District Court Southern District of Indiana has ordered all claims to be stricken. The reason for this judgment is because Intelecom, Inc. did not have representation required by law. The reason that Intelecom, Inc. did not have representation is because their counsel had to...

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