Hello Friends,

Its been a little while since I have sat down to write a post in my blog. I have been knee deep in finishing the last few touches on my passion development project that I have been working on for the last 2 years. Well we are now finally out of development, out of the dreadful Alpha stage, and ready to let loose with our Beta introduction into the marketplace.

FYI: www.ecoeconow.org is powered by our exclusive www.pcfmojo.com system and platform.

The name of this project is www.ecoeconow.org, no window dressing yet (meaning text and media content) that will start happening every day as we near our official launch 1 Jan 2011.  The following is what I call a new chapter in Grassroots, Social Action.

Understanding what a social movement system is, and why!

Hello and welcome to this new blog post, open forum dedicated to helping everyone better understand what a “Social Movement System” is, and how everyone can be part of real Global change at a grass roots level.

In this new age of confusion, mass chaos, and overwhelming fear, people, the planet itself needs more than just hope. It needs change all the way down to the individual level.

Many are looking outward for the answers, but the answers are in front of everyone, to make change, one must first change themselves. Harsh? Not really… just simple reality… one that you need to understand, and accept to move to a higher place, and be part of a higher purpose other than ones personal needs.

The self, or the desire for only ones self has been the catalyst to this Global economic, and ecological demise we all face. Understanding this as a foundation will help one better understand why the word's social, movement, and system are key words when combined together.

Today the social phenomena is exploding… why because now finally everyone has a voice… everyone can share… not constrained by the establishments. Today newspapers are crying that “citizen journalism” has ruined real news… what a oxymoron,,, the news as they want us to see it, or the news as it is unedited, from the common persons perspective… hum…

Even cable TV is complaining that the Internet is killing its viewer ship,,, ah shucks… I wonder how the movie industry felt when TV came along,,, and then how regular TV felt when cable came on to the scene… all of this is pure capitalistic greed, monopolistic thinking… its OK for me but not you,,, ya right…

Now is the time for individuals to choose, to create, share, be part of… To take social to the streets of change… there are millions of worthy causes at the mercy of the generosity of peoples donations… is that truly effective, is this right? No way in my eyes… so I started with an idea, then I mind mapped it, then it became a dream, then a plan, and now today its a reality… this is not my dream anymore, its not yours, its a dream that belongs to everyone, and every living thing on our planet… its not green, blue, red, or any other specific genre…

Its an ideology, a blueprint on creating change via social interaction, thus propelling a movement about anything worthy of human caring.. there is something specific every human is passionate about… and that same passion is shared by others… its the combination of social interaction, with purpose driven viral promotion, all with an end cause that is supported specifically for that specific social need,,, the system is the technology, the blueprints, the education, and most important the value proposition. This combination is what feeds that specific social movement's cause.

I know some are saying right now, huh???? But I also know some are also feeling “de ja vous”,,, or where did I hear that before… maybe its not that you have heard it, but maybe its that you feel it… deep inside.

To me its a feeling, an instinct, that I know is right even though I may not understand everything that I feel… it is said by many that life is a journey not a destination… why can't this apply to the journey of these words, feelings, and vision?

It does apply… and in its infancy, is a mapped out ideology, and platform…

For me the first movement will deal with 2 of the the top 3 crisis we face today as a planet. Economic meltdown, and ecological destruction… after we establish a purpose driven “social movement system” towards those 2 Global looming issues, we can then attack the third major issue Global hunger… However Global Hunger is directly effected by Economics, and Ecology… so our efforts will have its effect there also.

I look at building a movement, like building an army… an army of individuals focused on a grassroots set of goals… but like any true army the soldiers need to get paid, so they can do their mission… so our unison steps are simple, earn through the power of impacting change, direct contribution from efforts, not donations…

This is just the beginning… if your curious and truly feel you need more… to be part of change that effects every living creature on this planet then sign up for free into our community.. then engage, explore, and journey with us to true purpose driven social change via our social movement system.

www.ecoeconow.org is simply a social movement system focused initially around economic, ecological change now both at the individual, and global level.