March 3rd 2015 was a complete life changing event for me.

I wrote this into facebook…

Hello Friends who actually follow on Facebook:)
It has been a very crazy, eventful, and so many other changing elements in my life the last 60 days.

My CVA Stroke was on the 3rd of March… wow how I remember that day. At the gym getting ready to train. No issues, tired or anything and then boom.
I remember everything…

The next 7 days was powerful. I learned ONLY when you are in a need that you truly understand what you are in play for.

No fear friends… something I can say with honesty. I knew that I had a powerful reason I had to go through with this….

There are 2 basic issues with CVA Stroke.. left or right side. The majority is from the right side which causes physical drama and other internal issues. The left side which is about stress, emotions etc…

I had the “left” side…. since I am right handed, the effect made my whole right side from top to bottom go frozen. (CVA Strokes work the opposite side of the injury.) So my real fear was memory's and other mind thought ideas… loosing languages, memories etc.

I remember one about 24 hours away having my face and body freeze. I thought to myself this was NOT going to work for me. So I started to flex and push may jaw, lips whatever I could.

Within 24 hours my right side of my face was normal, numb a bit but normal.

I knew that I was going to turn things around fast. But needed to think only on what was messed up and whatever I needed to do to fix it.

During the first 60 days was a fight. I could think things but could not express myself the way I wanted to… crazy. There was only one person who understood what I was trying to say Anver Sadutt. My business partner, my friend, my brother..

I guess after years building things together we had a unique way to talk..

It was CRAZY… I had people telling me I was not explaining myself correctly and reality was my head was solid just the words coming out were all messed up.

I needed to get my head back into the game…

Memories… now this is where the crazy things started happening. So many things I have been holding deep for much more than 10 years were there but now NOT important… serious things that TRULY changed so many things in my life.

The keys are this my friends – EVERYDAY is key… when you can and do, and remember what is important and NOT what is not… well the opportunities are amazing..

Can't believe I shared this with my Facebook friends many of you old friends and close…

All in all – this event changed my life…. the growth has truly made me free.

peace my friends:)